If Only

"As an established luxury tour operator with a high reputation to maintain, If Only... took considerable time in planning a “re-brand” and in recruiting  the best possible agency to assist us in the process.
From our first meetings, there was an strong indication that Pertrus ‘got’ what If Only... was all about, ably demonstrating this understanding through the production of a distinctive visual identity and positioning line that has been very well received in the travel industry.
The ability of the Petrus team to appreciate our audiences and our communication channels has seen the development of the logo into a number of digital, print and promotional manifestations by the agency and by third parties (who have been provided with very clear brand guidelines by Petrus).
With similar company values to If Only..., Petrus delivers the best possible solutions, takes time to understand our needs and ‘go the extra mile’ in all aspects of their work for us."

Tom Higgins – Marketing Manager, If Only...

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